Step 10

Both wings have been successfully attached.

Step 11

Lots of finishing to be done before the owl is ready to go to the foundry to be cast, but the body and wing shape is now complete.

Step 12

I now concentrate on sculpting the talons.

Step 13

The talons are attached to the body. I’m pleased with my work so far…

Step 14

The Barn Owl is now ready to go to the foundry for casting. A basic spray colour is added at this stage to give Andrew a good idea of how the sculpture will look.

Step 15

At the foundry now, the Owl is cast in bronze. It still has the original gold colour at this stage.

Step 16

Back in the workshop with the patination now complete, beeswax polish is yet to be applied to the sculpture.

Step 17

The Sculpture is now complete (with its seven layers of polish) and has been professionally photographed to show it off in its full glory.

Step 18

Another angle of the completed piece.