Step 1

Establishing a wing shape using sheet aluminium.

Step 2

Beginning to shape the wing with sculpting putty.

Step 3

Measuring and drawing out further detail on to the wing.

Step 4

The sculpting begins. I use woodcarving chisels for precision when creating feather layering.

Step 5

The detail now begins to come together.

Step 6

The wings of the Barn Owl are now well and truly in progress. Next to the wings are some of the tools I have used up to this point.

Step 7

Beginning to work on the on the head, body and tail, measuring out the correct size of the body and wing feathers.

Step 8

Sculpting the Barn Owl’s face then checking shape and dimensions. Enjoying work in the sunshine too!

Step 9

The nervous moment when the wings are attached to the body, getting the perfect angles are so important. Everything is coming together now.